About Our School




In today’s intense growing competition in the education field, education has literally become the dissemination of information. But, here in our S.K Modi National School, we think differently. As educators, we believe in inspiring children to explore the world around. As a child, the world is a big place and curiosity gets the better of them. In a world where everyone is looking down at the child and telling the child what to do, S.K.Modi National School dares to dream more.

Our experienced and well-trained team of educators will aim to nurture this spirit of scientific consciousness in your child by way of alternate teaching and practical knowledge. The world around us extends for beyond the four walls of the classroom and beyond the pages of textbooks. With concept-based learning and via our Continuous Comprehensive Evaluationor what we call CCE, children can comprehend the world and their academic studies in a more holistic approach.


” Few things are greater importance to parents than the education of their children. Every parent looks for academic excellence, good values, and discipline for their children. Choosing the right school for them is therefore a crucial decision.

S.K.MODI NATIONAL SCHOOL provides high standards for educational excellence to their students. We stimulate creativity and develop problem –solving capability in each student. We believe that partnership between the family and school is the foundation of a student’s fulfilment and success in later life.

All the dynamic institution in the word today looks forward to introducing and affecting a creative approach in educational curriculum. Teachers play a major role in implementing and supporting the students to gain competence in their efforts.

Our objective at SK MODI NATIONAL SCHOOL is to provide a happy; balanced and challenging environment .where our students have the opportunity to fulfil their individual talents and goals. In parallel, we provide a wide range of cultural, sporting and co-curricular activities and a chance to exercise leadership in a sensible and respectful environment.”

Gonal Rajsekhar Gouda


” In Our School Children must leverage education through technology to be future ready..”


Standing on the cusp of “Post- Centenary – Mega – Event” S.K.Modi National School coming up on this ‘Iconic – Veerashaiva – College – Campus’ nestled right in the middle of two giant institutions is indeed a proud momentous occasion and a crowning glory for Veerasaiva Vidyavardhaka Sangha.

Times Change, People Change, So also institutions

One such trendsetting institution has opened a new chapter in the annals of Veerasaiva Vidyavardhaka  Sangha. What a culmination of events, it looks like the hand of divinity when S.K. Modi family joined their mighty hands to dedicate themselves for the noble cause of education by donating in a very big way to create “S.K. Modi Dream School”. It is definitely the divine’s design. Otherwise this would not have happened.

This transformation from Arunodaya Kindergarten to S.K.Modi National school is a great metamorphosis. It is a miracle. It is indeed divine.

Philanthropist  S.K.Modi’s name would be reverberating forever in the minds and hearts of people everywhere, when thousands of kids emerging from this wonderful institution would be literally spreading the message of fragrance

Speaking about our school within a span of less than five years we are able to register phenomenal rise in admission from 50 plus to 700 plus presently 683 on roll.

Today we are a name to reckon within the city and we have our own identity and we are well known in whole of Ballari.

We could secure 700 plus admissions just by word this speaks our popularity by sheer virtue of our approach in teaching field specially Montessori based approach.

Not just teaching alone. We also try to give the children a hands on experience of real life concepts.

  • World around us – We mentor to connect them to life skills.
  • Colour paradise – Understand subtle difference in colours.
  • Animal world– Create awareness of animal care and safety.
  • Unity in diversity celebrations– Respect each other’s religion & culture.
  • Science experiments – Understand the logical facts. Which occur
  • Field trips – Real world learning.
  • Montessori concepts – This makes child an individual and independent learner.
  • Tata class edge –Tata class edge Board as been installed in every class room and this helps students enjoy learning with innovative, interactive teaching method supported by animation, games, lab & simulation.

Customized Curriculum

  • Worksheets
  • Art activities
  • Writothon
  • Reading activities
  • Group activities
  • Environmental activities(Gardening)

We also give importance to co-curricular activities which will in a way bring out the hidden talent in every child.

One outstanding feature of our school is we mentor children individually. Every child can breathe freedom here free from fear.

Every child is accessible to the Principal whenever he/she has something to say. Teachers are friendly caring and understanding. This makes us outstanding.

Children look forward and eager to come to school. They don’t want holidays to interrupt their school life.

They feel school as a first home and their own homes become second homes for them, which speak volumes of our unique bondage between the school and the children.

(These are not mere slogans)

Other than the academic activities & National celebrations also academic year we were able to conduct the maximum number of events as:

  • Grandparent’s day – Acknowledging their importance and value in family.
  • Talents day – To find talented students in various field.
  • Ethnic day – Identify different culture in terms of food and clothing.
  • Science expo – Science and Math exhibition
  • Rangoli Competition – For parents to encourage the participation.
  • Graduation Day – Stepping from Kindergarten to Primary next level.
  • Quiz Competition – To brain storm their memory.
  • Sports meet, Market Day and many other events.

Every good citizen adds to the strength of a nation, Veerasaiva Vidyavardhaka Sangha’s S.K.Modi National school assures that we will try to make our children best citizens of our country.

Veerasaiva Vidhyavardhaka Sangha’s